Thursday May 20th

Table Talk 757 – Understanding the Impacts of Racial Segregation in Your Community: How We Got Here, What We Can Do

Join us for a virtual discussion as we continue to explore the impacts of racism within housing. The Table Talk 757 program creates opportunities for community members to engage in challenging conversations about diversity and inclusion. Each session focuses on a specific topic, and participants have the opportunity to share stories, perspectives, and ideas regarding issues facing the community.

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Based in Newport News, PEOPLE to PEOPLE, is a grassroots organization committed to race relations, diversity, and quality of life for all. Our mission is to improve race relations in our community by:

  • Fostering understanding of the role and impact of race in our daily lives and in our community
  • Discussing and understanding diverse perspectives
  • Learning from each other and from shared experiences
  • Building diverse connections and relationships

Our goals are that PEOPLE to PEOPLE will:

  • Be a safe place for dialogue
  • Reflect our community
  • Use various platforms to motivate community involvement, thinking, learning, and building partnerships
  • Advocate on significant issues without engaging in partisanship and personal attacks



Steering Committee


Cleon Long – Co-Chair

Elva Hunt – Co-Chair

Alan Altschuler – Treasurer

Denise Counce – Secretary


Al Riutort

Dr. Elva Hunt

Alan Altschuler

Marc Rodgers

Susan Piland

Ashby Kilgore

Paula L. Bazemore

MaRhonda Echols

Cleon Long

Denise Counce